Using Multiple FlexRIO Modules for Processing

Updated Nov 19, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO


  • FlexRIO

Issue Details

Many NI devices have a feature called channel expansion where you can use multiple device to increase the channel count of your acquisition.  When doing this, you treat the modules as a single device in software.  Is it possible to use multiple FlexRIO modules to get a larger FPGA target and program a single bitfile?


No.  With NI FlexRIO, you must use separate bitfiles on the separate FlexRIO modules.  You will treat them as different FPGA targets.

Additional Information

If you need to perform more processing than you have FPGA space available on a FlexRIO module, you can add additional modules to the system.  If it is required to send data from one to the other, you can use peer-to-peer FIFOs to transfer data between the FPGAs/modules.


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