Adding Custom feature in NI InsightCM

Updated Sep 17, 2018

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  • InsightCM

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How can I add custom feature in InsightCM Server?


To add custom feature, follow the steps below.
  1. ​​In InsightCM Server, click the button on the top right and select System»Features like the image below.
  1. Click Add and select desired feature. 
  1. Enter name of the new feature and properties, click OK
  1. You can find new feature created in the list.
  1. click the button on the top right again, select System»Asset Definitions like the image below.
  1. Select the sensor you want to add custom feature. In this document, we will choose Accelerometer for example. Click Feature among Tap menu and click Add.

  1. Select the custom feature created in step 4 and click OK.
  1. Pop-up window will be closed and you'll find new feature added in the list like the image below.
  1. You need to add created feature to the asset. Go to the Asset page.
  1. Select the sensor you want to add.(Asset Type should be equal to the Asset you created in Asset Definition in step 6.)
  1. Select Features Tap, click Add and choose new feature created. 

  1. You need to update configuration to the device. Go to the Device menu, you'll find Update Configuration button activated. Click Update Configuration.
  1. Device goes offline and you'll find Updating Configuration text from Config Status. This process might take few minutes. 
  1. When update is done, you can see new feature from Data Viewer page like the image below.


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