Windows Could Not Start NI InsightCM Service Returning an Error 1053

Updated Apr 23, 2021

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  • InsightCM

Issue Details

When I try to access the InsightCM web application, the page would not load. I checked Windows Services and saw that the NI InsightCM Service was not running. However when I try to manually start it, it fails returning the following error:

Error 1503 : The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.


When there is configuration problem with the InsightCM services, Error 1053 might occur. To fix this problem, follow the steps below.
  1. Stop RabbitMQ and NI InsightCM MongoDB services in Windows Service Manager (Start menu>>Control Panel>>Administrator Tools>>Services).
  2. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  3. Change the path to the InsightCM program directory by running the following command:
cd C:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server 3.0
  1. Run the InsightCM configuration tool with command below:
InitialConfigTool.exe --forceServer

Note: This tool runs a set of commands that resets the main services that InisghtCM needs to function properly. It may take a while to finish and it is important to not close the command prompt window until it is finished.
  1. When process is done, run ServiceManagerApp.bat from the same path in step 3 and see if any error is thrown. This batch file restarts all the InsightCM services and reports if any are unable to start.

  2. Check if the InisghtCM Service is now running in the Windows Service Manager.

In case the process above does not fix the error with the InsightCM service, you can try a clean reinstall of InsightCM following this document Reinstalling InsightCM Server and repeat again the previous procedure.
If you still have problems with InsightCM contact NI Technical Support. Include the ICME_Config_log.txt and crashlog_svcmgr.txt located at C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM 3.0\Logs.

Additional Information

InitialConfigTool.exe is a post-installation tool that runs after you install or upgrade InsightCM and then reboot your computer. If this tool did not run or was closed before finishing, it can lead to dependencies of InsightCM being in a bad state, which can prevent InsightCM from starting. The above steps manually run this tool again to attempt to put the services back in a good state.