Can I Install LabVIEW NXG Without NI Package Manager?

Updated Sep 24, 2020

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Issue Details

  • I would like to install LabVIEW NXG on my machine but I can not (or would prefer not to) install NI Package Manager. Is this possible?
  • The IT department does not allow me to use NI Package Manager to download and install LabVIEW NXG? Is there another way to do it?


It is not possible to install LabVIEW NXG on a machine without the use of NI Package Manager. NI Package Manager is the Installer for NXG and is a required tool for installation.

Additional Information

  • It is possible to download NXG from the web directly using offline installers. This is useful for transferring installation material for LabVIEW NXG to an off-network machine in the event that network-connected machines are not able to have software installed (such as NI Package Manager).
    • Note that the installation of LabVIEW NXG using the offline installer will also install NI Package Manager as it is a necessary tool for installation.
  • Some companies may restrict the access that some applications have to the internet. If you suspect that this is your case, refer to the article¬†Problem Updating Feeds When Installing Through NI Package Manager to find steps for allowing NI Package Manager to download and install packages online.
  • Some companies require physical media to install on an offline machine. To request physical media, please refer to the article Requesting Physical Media for NI Software Installation.¬†