Can I Change the Measurement Units of a DAQmx Task in DAQExpress?

Updated Nov 22, 2018

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  • DAQExpress 2.1

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I am collecting data using DAQExpress, but want to display the data using a different measurement unit.


For example, I would like to diplay pressure data in psi but my sensor and module are not compatible with a pressure input task. Is there a way to change the unit from volts to psi?

You can not change the task to a different measurement unit which is different to the signal type. However, you can apply a scale in the channel configuration to display the correct magnitude.

For the pressure example previously mentioned, lets assume the pressure transducer we are using outputs a voltage range from 0-5V corresponding to a pressure range of 0-100psi on a linear scale. To apply this, under Channel, and under Linear Scale, mark the Enable Scale option in order to apply the Scaling Parameters used to convert volts to psi: 

-Linear--Scales values by using the equation y=mx+b, where x is a prescaled value and y is a scaled value.

Slope = 100 psi ÷ 5 Volts = 20 psi/volt 

Y-Intercept = 0 psi 

Using these parameters, a voltage measurement of 3.4 V would be presented as 68 psi. Visually, the amplitude of the acquired signals will not be in the units of psi when collecting data; nevertheless, with the Linear equation you can obtain the data in the correct magnitude.


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