PXIe-6570 Error -1074135021 When Fetching -1 Samples

Updated Aug 7, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-Digital Pattern Driver

Issue Details

I've read through the LabVIEW and/or .NET Help for the Digital Pattern 18.0 driver Fetch or Fetch Capture Waveform function, and it states that I can input -1 as the number of samples to fetch in order to grab all available samples. However, when I try to execute the code, I receive error -1074135021: The enumeration value for the parameter is not supported.

Why doesn't this value work?


The LabVIEW and .NET Help documentation for the Digital Pattern 18.0 "Fetch Capture Waveform" function is incorrect. This is a known issue with the documentation and will be addressed in future revisions of the driver.


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