PXIe-6535 Can Not Generate 5V Output

Updated Sep 26, 2023

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  • PXIe-6535
  • PXIe-6536
  • PXIe-6537
  • PCIe-6535
  • PCIe-6536
  • PCIe-6537
  • PXIe-6535B
  • PXIe-6536B
  • PXIe-6537B
  • PCIe-6535B
  • PCIe-6536B
  • PCIe-6537B

Issue Details

I have PXIe-6535 and tried to generate a digital output. It only generates 3.3V output even though I set Digital Logic Level to 5V. I have seen that PXIe-6535 is compatible with 5V TTL. Does my PXIe-6535 need to be repaired or is there an additional set up to generate 5V?

Here is how I set the Digital Logic Level on NI-MAX.
1. Right Click on PXIe-6535 Device 
2. Click Configuration…
3. Select Digital Logic Level to 5V
4. Run the Test Pannels


PXIe-6535 only can generate within the voltage level from 3.2V to 3.3V. You can see "Generation voltage levels" in the below table.
As you also can see the table above, PXIe-6535 is compatible with 5V TTL. It means that you still can use PXIe-6535 in 5V TTL System. 

Additional Information

PXIe-6535 is compatible because 5V TTL detects high when the signal over 2.7V is received. The minimum voltage 3.2 V from PXIe-6535 is high enough to be detected as high in 5V TTL system. Therefore, you can use PXIe-6535 in 5V TTL system with 3.3V digital output. 

Here is the 5V TTL system of input and output.