Can I Use an Ethernet Cable with the NI-9237?

Updated Jan 10, 2023

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  • NI-9237

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I recently purchased an NI-9237  and I wanted to know if I can use it with a regular ethernet cable. 


No, Ethernet cables use RJ-45 connectors and the NI-9237 has RJ-50 connectors.  Do not use RJ-45 cables with the NI-9237. RJ-45 cables damage the RJ-50 connector in the NI-9237.
NI-9237 Pinout

Additional Information

The difference between the RJ-50 and the RJ-45 is the number of pins in the connector. The RJ-50 has 10 pins and the RJ-45 has 8 pins. If you use an RJ-45 in an RJ-50 connector you can damage the female connector permanently.