"Error -1074126845" When Running Example Switch-Scanning with a DMM Handshake VI

Updated Aug 4, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-1085
  • PXIe-2527
  • PXIe-4080

Issue Details

I have a PXIe-1085 system with PXIe-2527 and PXIe-4080. 
I want to programmatically switch between channels and measure it with the DMM. I uses the example Switch - Scanning with a DMM Handshake .vi and specify scan list ch0:ch9->com0;
When running this example I receive Error -1074126845: Maximum Time exceeded before operation completedHow can I fix this?



This error occur since the DMM is waiting for a digital trigger from the PXIe bus. 
When using a large PXIe chassis, the backplane is divided into three independent bus segments: Bus 1 (slots 0-6), Bus 2 (slots 7-12) and Bus 3 (slots 13-18). Each bus segment has its own set of eight PXI Trigger Lines, that by default are not connected to each other. 

In order to run the code correctly, you have two options: 



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