Use Remote Desktop to Develop in an Embedded CompactDAQ Controller

Updated Jan 4, 2022



  • CompactDAQ Controller

Operating System

  • Windows

I bought a CompactDAQ Controller that runs Windows and I want to use it from my desktop computer. Unfortunately, in my desktop I can't see it in NI MAX and LabVIEW does not recognize the device either. How can I develop my software without having to plug a screen, mouse and keyboard to the data acquisition device?

Embedded devices as compactDAQ, compactRIO and other NI hardware running Windows are not visible on host computer using NI MAX software. To be able to remotely control those embedded devices, you can use Windows Remote Desktop Connection, which makes possible to use the device in very similar way as you were directly connected to it using a monitor, keyboard and mouse. In order to configure, enable and use this funtionality, follow the steps below:

Note: The following solution is written for Embedded devices that are running Windows Operating System.

  1. You will need to connect a screen, mouse and keyboard to your Embedded CompactDAQ controller to perform these steps.
  2. Connect the device to the network using a network cable from the Ethernet port 1 of the device. You can connect directly to another computer using Link-Local (automatic) IPv4, or to a DHCP Server (for example: your office network).
  3. Enable the Remote Desktop connections to the CompactDAQ controller. You can follow the next guide: External Link: Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection
  4. Collect the IP and Computer Name from your controller, so you can connect to it from your desktop/laptop computer: External Link: Find your PC's IP address,  External Link: How to locate the device name of a machine
  5. In your desktop/laptop computer follow the next steps to open a remote desktop connection with the CompactDAQ controller: External Link: How to use Remote Desktop

Additional Information

All currently supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems incorporate remote network control technology into the Windows Operating System. Using Windows Remote Desktop, you can log in to a computer remotely, with the Windows desktop user interface passed over the network. Detailed information on the configuration of Remote Desktop will vary by OS and can be found in the Related Links section of this article.

You can try the following steps if the Remote Desktop session doesn't work:

  1. Make sure both computers are running an updated version of Windows (and Windows Embedded for the CompactDAQ Controller).
  2. Make sure there are no firewalls blocking the connection (both in the CompactDAQ and in your desktop/laptop).
  3. Make sure the devices can ping each other. You can read more about it here: External Link: How to run a ping test
  4. Try using other ethernet port both in the CompactDAQ Controller and in your laptop/desktop.