Do I Need to Compile a Blank Bitfile for NI-XNET in VeriStand

Updated Oct 30, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9862
  • NI-9861
  • C Series CAN Interface Module


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I am using a NI-986x (XNET module) in my cRIO. Previously, I had to create a blank bitfile to use these modules in my VeriStand system. Is this still the case with the 2015 release of VeriStand and CompactRIO?


As of VeriStand 2015 and CompactRIO 15.0 you are no longer required to compile a blank bitfile for cRIO-903x or cRIO-906x targets in order to use NI-986x series XNET modules. 

If the system only contains NI-986x modules, then the controller should be set to Scan Mode, as seen below:
Also, the 986x Support tab of the Port Settings should be left blank when configuring the XNET port.

Additional Information

If the system uses additional C-Series Modules in FPGA Mode, the NI-986x modules should be included in the LabVIEW Project used to compile the bitfile. In this situation, the bitfile will need to be pointed to in the 986x Support tab of the Port Settings. Additionally, the controller should be set to FPGA Mode as the system now uses an FPGA bitfile.