Cannot See PXI Modules in MAX Using PXI-ExpressCard 8360B

Updated Nov 30, 2023

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  • ExpressCard-8360
  • ExpressCard-8360 for USRP

Issue Details

I have a PXI-ExpressCard8360B in my laptop connected to my PXI chassis and I cannot see any of my devices in MAX. However, when I use a PXI-ExpressCard8360 I can see my devices. What is the difference between 8360 and 8360B?


The ExpressCard-8360 enables you to transparently control PXI and CompactPCI systems from a laptop computer with either an ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 slot. The ExpressCard-8360 inside your laptop is connected via an ExpressCard MXI cable to the NI PXI-8360 module in slot 1 of a PXI chassis.

In contrast, the ExpressCard-8360B is a specially modified version of the ExpressCard-8360 designed for use with the USRP-RIO. So you can't see the general PXI module using the ExpressCard-8360B. It is modified to enable the x4 MXI connection from the USRP-RIO to be converted down to the x1 connection used by a laptop. The ExpressCard-8360B is not available for individual sale and can only be obtained through the MXI Express Interface Kit for USRP RIO (Part Number: 783489-01).