Can the Loop on Selected Dialog Box Defaults in TestStand Be Modified?

Updated Nov 7, 2018

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

When launching an interactive execution in TestStand by highlighting specific steps and selecting Loop on Selected Steps, a dialog box with different options such as loop count and a stop expression appears before executing the steps:

Is there a way to modify the default values for the different options in this dialog box or customize the dialog in other ways?


The source code for this dialog box is not provided with TestStand and the values of the controls are not accessible.  Because of this, you cannot change the defaults or modify the behavior of this dialog.

Additional Information

If more control over the functionality of an interactive execution is desired, it is possible to create a custom tool which launches an interactive execution.  With a custom tool, you can create your own dialog box and define the behavior for the execution.


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