Not Seeing NI Ethernet Card in NI MAX

Updated Jul 31, 2018

Reported In


  • PCIe-8233
  • PCIe-8235
  • PCIe-8237
  • PCIe-8236
  • PXIe-8234
  • PXI-8231

Issue Details

I have an NI Ethernet Interface card, such as a PCIe-8233 GigE frame grabber, installed in my computer. When I go to NI MAX, I do not see the card listed under Devices and Interfaces.


NI's Ethernet Interface cards are recognized by the operating system as normal Ethernet network adapters. The cards will not show up in NI MAX under the Devices and Interfaces list. However, the Ethernet ports in your card should show up in Windows Device Manager under the Network Adapters list as shown below:

You should also be able to see the network adapters by clicking on My System in NI MAX and then going to the Network Settings tab.

Additional Information

The NI PCIe-8237R is a two Ethernet port card that also has a reconfigurable FPGA. The 8237R FPGA target will show up in the Devices and Interfaces list in NI MAX, although the Ethernet ports will not.


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