I Bought a Mounting Kit for a DIN Rail for My cDAQ-9171 but I Cannot See How to Mount It

Updated Jan 2, 2019

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  • cDAQ-9171

Issue Details

I recently bought a mounting kit for DIN Rail and I want to mount my cDAQ-9171 in it. After some tries, I have not been able to do it. Is there something wrong? Did I bought a wrong part?


Unfortunately, the cDAQ-9171 cannot be mounted on a DIN Rail. It can be mounted on a panel or a wall. 

Additional Information

The following 4-slot and 8-slot mounting kits are available:
NI 9912 DIN Rail Mount Kit for 4-slot cRIO-910x/911x/906x/907x and cDAQ-917x/918x
NI 9915 DIN Rail Mount Kit for 8-slot cRIO-910x/911x/906x/907x and cDAQ-917x/918x

However, the cDAQ-9171 is a 1-slot chassis that is incompatible with 4-slot and 8-slot mounting kits.


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