Maximum Current from PCI/PXI M Series Digital and PFI Lines

Updated Jul 31, 2018

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  • PCI-6225

Issue Details

I want to control some relays and switches with my M Series card's digital lines. These switches change state when exceeding a certain current. I want to know if there is a maximum amount of current that I can output per digital line.


A PCI/PXI M Series device is recommended to output up to is 24 mA of current for digital lines and 16 mA for PFI lines. 

Additional Information

Addtionally the total current available for all digital and PFI lines, including current drawn from any +5V line, is 2A. That is, the current drawn from the +5V terminals and all PFI and digital terminals should not exceed 2A. Note that exceeding this limit is possible without violating the 24mA maximum digital output current specification on devices with 48 digital I/O lines.


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