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LabVIEW Licensing Wizard Asks Me to Activate Sound and Vibration Base or Full Each Time I Launch It

Updated Jun 10, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Sound and Vibration Toolkit

Issue Details

I have a license for NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit Full Edition, before using it to activate the software, I used an evaluation license for the base edition. However, even after activating the full edition, every time I open LabVIEW, I am asked to activate NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit (Base). Is there a way to avoid this window to show up every time I open LabVIEW?


To avoid this window to show up each time you launch LabVIEW follow this steps:

  1. Navigate to <ProgramData>\National Instruments\License Manager\Licenses
  2. Locate the file SNDVIB_TLK_PKG_180000.lic
  3. Move this file to a different location.
  4. Launch LabVIEW and verify that the Licensing Wizard did not show up.
  5. Verify that NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit works properly.

Additional Information

The above described procedure works also if you have a Sound and Vibration Toolkit Base version and LabVIEW asks every time you launch it, to activate the Sound and Vibration Toolkit Full version. In this case you have to move the file SNDVIB_MS_PKG_xx0000.lic to a different location.