Deployed TestStand System Can't Find Sub-Sequences

Updated Aug 1, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am trying to deploy my test system to a new computer, but when I do, TestStand tells me that it cannot find my sub-sequence files and my source code that are in sub-directories of my deployed TestStand Workspace. 

I then have to manually point TestStand to find the sequence files and VIs, then it works just fine.

When I deploy everything with all the sequences and VIs in the same directory, I do not have this problem. How can I make it so that the deployed TestStand system can find subsequences and VIs that are in sub-directories of my main Workspace directory?


You can fix this by installing the development machine's SearchDirectories.cfg file with the deployment onto your target machine.

Additional Information

When you want to configure search directories for deploying a TestStand system, you can manually add additional search paths to the list of default search paths on the target computer. The TestStand Deployment Utility does not copy additional search paths because the new directories might not exist on the target computer. This is why you need to manually include the SearchDirectories.cfg file in order to preserve the Search Directories between your development and deployment machines.


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