Error -1074360282 on Deployed Application with an Active License of Vision Run-Time

Updated Aug 3, 2018

Reported In


  • Vision Development Module
  • LabVIEW Professional


Vision Acquisition Software 2017

3rd Party Camera (IMAQdx)

Issue Details

I have created a vision application using Vision Development Module (VDM) and Vision Acquisition Software (VAS) for IMAQdx. I have license for both Software on development machine and the application is working perfectly.
When i tried to deploy the application on another PC, it kept throwing an error that "License not activated" even after using an evaluation code for Vision Development Module Run-Time. Does VAS require also another license on the deployment machine? Should i get a new license for VAS as well as for Vision Run-time?


The error -1074360282 refers to a VAS license not activated as mentioned in this KB: Error 1074360282 when using NI Vision Acquisition Express.
The VDM requires a VDM Run-Time license and the VAS requires also another license for the deployment machine in addition to the license for the development machine. However, since 2009 the VAS license started being included in the VDM Run-Time, so you would require only a single license for deployment. You will not need to purchase a separate license for VAS once you have an active license for the VDM Run-Time.

The issue faced is because the VDM Run-Time license is being used in evaluation mode which means the VAS license is not included.

To solve this issue, you will need an additional evaluation license for VAS or you can purchase a VDM Run-Time license which will include both.