Programmatically Changing the IP Address of NI-8234 in a Real-Time System

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • PXIe-1085
  • PXIe-8135
  • PXIe-8234

I currently have a Real-Time PXI system where I'd like to change the IP addresses of the ports on the NI-8234 without going to NI MAX to manually enter it.

The IP addresses of the NI-8234's ethernet ports can be changed by programmatically changing the "netconf.ini"  file. This is located on the RT controller at the following file path: c:\ni-rt\system\ethernet\netconf.ini 
This file contains the MAC addresses of each port and the corresponding IP addresses. The example program, Programmatically Change IP Address Of Remote System, shows the basic structure of programmatically changing the INI files. For this particular example, the file path will need to be changed to the file path listed above and there will need to be code modification to properly parse each MAC address.

Additional Information

The controller will have to restart after the IP address changes have been made.