Can I Replace the Power Supply Shuttle of PXI-1000B with that of PXI-1042?

Updated Aug 2, 2018

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  • PXI-1000
  • PXI-1042

Issue Details

I have a PXI-1000B and another PXI-1042. Recently the power supply of PXI-1000B got corrupted.
Can i replace the PXI-1000B power supply with the Power Supply Shuttle of the PXI-1042?


The PXI-1042 Power Supply Shuttle cannot be a replacement for that of PXI-1000B since they have different designs and rear panels.
For more information about the Shuttle design for both chassis, refer to below user guides:
NI PXI-1042 Series Power Supply Shuttle
NI PXI-1000B ACPower Supply Shuttle

As a workaround, you can move the modules of the PXI-1000B into the PXI-1042 chassis since they have same 8-Slot 3U Chassis architecture.

Additional Information

The PXI-1000B Power Supply cannot be ordered separately and the PXI-1000B can no longer be repaired as it is an obsolete product. It is recommended to consider upgrading the chassis to a newer model. Consult with your NI representative for a system configuration suitable for your application.


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