How Can I Trim the Outline of a Footprint on NI Ultiboard?

Updated Aug 14, 2018

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  • Ultiboard

Issue Details

I have a footprint on Ultiboard that has an excessively large outline. This outline could double the size of the space that the footprint really needs to fit on the workspace. This attribute is struggling with my design because it complicates a lot to place parts in the same workspace.


For removing the outline of a footprint in ultiboard follow this steps:
  • Open your ultiboard project then go to the toolbar and open tools>>database >>database manager.
  • There in the left box under database select the database where you store the footprint you need to edit, then select the component under Parts and click the following button  (edit the selected part).
  • On the Footprint edit mode window you will have to distinguish which section of the workspace belongs to the outline and which is blank space surrounding the footprint. On the image below is shown that the region that the footprint and its outline covers on the workspace is identified by black background and a grid made by yellow dots. The rest of the workspace outside of the outline is flat black background.
  •  Create a rectangle clicking and hold the click across all the outline region you would like to remove, while you hold the left click, right click once you finish the rectangle and click on Select specified objects. Then select Polygon on the pop-up window and click ok.
  • Finally click on your keyboard the key delete, you should see that the yellow dots of that region will be eliminated.