What are the Relay Names for my NI Switch Device?

Updated May 8, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-2520
  • PXI-2521
  • PXI-2522
  • PXI-2523
  • PXI-2564
  • PXI-2565
  • PXI-2566
  • PXI-2568
  • PXI-2569
  • PXI-2570
  • PXI-2571
  • PXI-2586
  • PXIe-2569



Issue Details

I am using one of the following VIs or functions to perform relay operations with NI-SWITCH:

  • NI-SWITCH Functions
    • niSwitch_GetRelayCount
    • niSwitch_GetRelayPosition
    • niSwitch_RelayControl
    • niSwitch Relay Control
    • niSwitch Get Relay Position
    • niSwitch Get Relay Count

In order to use these functions and VIs, I need to know the names of the relays on my switch device.  Where can I find this information?


The relay names are located in the NI Switches Help. Refer to NI Switches Help if it is not already installed on your computer. In the NI Switches Help, refer to Devices » <Your Device> » Hardware Diagram. This hardware diagram will show the names for each relay on the module.

An example of the hardware diagram in NI Switches Help for the NI PXI-2568 module is shown below.  In this example, the relay names are K0 through K30.