NI PXI-2510 Switch Resistance

Updated Jul 30, 2018

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  • PXI-2510

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When I measure a resistance between channel 0 and channel 1 of NI PXI-2510, the resistance is about 0.6 Ω. My PXI-2510 was configured to short channel 0 and channel 1. What is the internal switch resistance?


PXI-2510 fault insertion unit(FIU) is designed for hardware-in-the-loop(HIL) applications and electronic reliability test. Each module has a set of feedthrough channels that you can open or short one or more fault buses.

The maximum DC path resistance between Channel and DUT is 150 mΩ. If you short channel 0 and channel 1, the total of the four switch relays are shorted in series as shown below. Therefore, in this case, the resistance between channel 0 and channel 1 will be 600 mΩ(0.6 Ω).

Note: DC path resistance typically remains low for the life of the relay. At the end of relay life, the path resistance rapidly rises above 1 Ω. Load ratings apply to relays used within the specification before the end of relay life.


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