Error -1074135024 Invalid Offset Range Using NI-FGEN

Updated Oct 16, 2023

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I try to generate 0-3.3V square wave via PXIe-5413 Waveform Generator, using NI-FGEN. in order to get this signal, I set a square signal with input amplitude of 1.66V and DC offset of 1.66V, but when I run it I get the following error: 

Error -1074135024 occurred at ... vi
Possible reason(s):
IVI: (Hex 0xBFFA0010) Invalid value for parameter or property.
Property: DC Offset
Channel Name: 0
Invalid Value: 1.650000
Minimum Value: -825.0e-3
Maximum Value: 825.0e-3

According to PXIe-5413 Specifications, the Amplitude Range it's up to 24Vpk-pk and the Offset Range is up to +/- 50% of Amplitude Range. The 1.66V DC offset that I set is not half of Amplitude Range as stated in the specifications.
How can I set that the signal amplitude will be relative to the 0V instead of Vpk-pk configuration?  


The valid DC offset is +/-50% of selected amplitude and not from full maximum/minimun range.
There is no way to set the signal amplitude to be relative to the 0V instead of Vpk-pk configuration. In order to generate signal that starting from 0V, or any other signal with a DC offset greater than 50% of the selected amplitude you would have to generate it through a custom waveform, by using the NI-FGEN in Arbitrary Waveform mode instead of Standard Function mode.
Note: Look at the Fgen Arbitrary example, that explain how to use arbitrary waveform.