OPKG Package Manager Update Command Fails in NI Linux Real-Time

Updated Dec 17, 2020

Reported In

Operating System

  • NI Linux Real-Time

Issue Details

When I run the opkg update command on NI hardware running NI Linux Real-Time, I get the following error message:


The error message suggests potential network issues. To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  • Verify your NI Linux Real-Time controller is connected to the network and has internet access. Run the ping download.ni.com command on your controller to test the connection with the download site. If this step fails, check the network adapter settings of the controller in NI MAX to make sure the controller is able to connect to download.ni.com.
  • Provision the controller with the latest version of the NI Linux RT base image.
  • As workaround, run an offline installation of the software.