Cannot Read Antenna Status with 9467 GPS Module

Updated Aug 8, 2018

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  • NI-9467

Issue Details

I have an antenna attached to my NI-9467 GPS module, but I cannot retrieve the antenna's status or a GPS measurement.  This system works fine with other antenna setups, and the specifications for this antenna was chosen based off of the 9467's Data Sheet.

Why can I not pick up my antenna's status?


The NI-9467 recommends having signals with a strength between -135 dBm and -120 dBm at the SMA connector.

Certain antenna setups can apply gain to this signal that oversaturates the GPS signal being sent to the 9467.  If this happens, the antenna will still show up as connected but you'll be unable to read the measurements being sent to you.


Additional Information

In some cases, adjusting cable length between antenna and the 9467 module can resolve this problem by bringing the signal back into range.  You can find the equations for maximum cable length in the 9467 module's Getting Start Guide on pages 10-11.


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