I Cannot Open TDMS Files With Excel 2016

Updated Aug 23, 2022

Issue Details

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10, and I am unable to open TDMS files in Microsoft Excel 2016. Either a runtime error occurs, or the add-in simply doesn't appear as an option in the Add-ins section in Excel.


Please note that this solution will not work in Office 365 versions, this applies to Excel 2016 or earlier versions only.

To solve this issue, follow the steps below:
  1. Uninstall the TDM Excel Add-In following the steps here: Uninstall TDMS Excel Add-In
  2. Download the TDM Excel Add-In here again:  TDM Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel Download
  3. Follow the installation instructions. The TDM Excel Add-in should be listed as new software that will be installed.
  4. After installing the TDM Add-in, open Excel and check in the Add-ins section if the TDM Add-in shows up. 
    1. In case the TDM Add-in still does not show up in Excel, go to: File Options > Add-Ins.
    2. The National Instruments TDM Importer for MS Excel should show up in the list.
    3. At the bottom, next to Manage,  choose "COM-Add-ins" and press OK
  5. A small window will pop up. Check the box left of the "National Instrument TDM importer for MS Excel" and click on "OK". 
  6. Try re-opening Excel and using the add-in to import a TDMS file.