SSL Certificate Management Tab is Greyed Out in Web Application Server

Updated Aug 2, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I am trying to generate an SSL Certificate file in the Web Application Server. The SSL Certificate Management tab is greyed out so I can't generate a new certificate file. How do I fix this?


The SSL Certificate Management tab is greyed out due to permission-based security. By default, each remote device includes a single user with the following name and password:
  • User name - Admin
  • Password - <blank>
To gain access to the SSL Certificate Management tab, you will need to enter the above username and password in upper right hand corner of the Web Application Server.
Once logged in, the SSL Certificate Management tab should be available to add the SSL files.

Additional Information

For additional information on setting up SSL files, refer to the article: Securing Web Services with SSL


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