LabVIEW Installer Unable to Locate Run-Time Engine

Updated Feb 26, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Run-Time Engine
  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

  • When I run my LabVIEW Installer that was built without errors, it runs very quickly and does not install the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine or any of the drivers that were selected to be included.
  • When I run my LabVIEW Installer I get an error staying "Unable to locate LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. However, I already downloaded the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine.
  • I am being asked to download the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine when I run my Installer but I already did.


In order to run a LabVIEW installer, you need to ensure that the user account you are logged into has administrative privileges. This will allow for proper installation of all the drivers/associated files.

If the Installer is still not functioning properly right click the Installer and select "Run As Administrator".


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