Using LabVIEW Web Server Within a LabVIEW Executable Does Not Function

Updated Aug 15, 2018

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I write a LabVIEW VI that works with LabVIEW Web Server that I set from Tools»Web Publishing Tool, then I build an EXE application. When I debug this EXE application on my PC, LabVIEW Web Server randomly does not function properly. When I distribute it, LabVIEW Web Server does not start.


You can solve this problem by enabling the LabVIEW Web Server with the correct property node as shown in the KnowledgeBase in the Related Links section below. 

When you debug your application LabVIEW Web Server behaves differently whether you run LabVIEW ADE or not. When you normally run LabVIEW on your PC, or when you run it in background, your application works correctly because LabVIEW properly manages its Web Server. In the second case LabVIEW Web Server is not active and your application cannot publishing its information. You have the same situation when you distribute your application.