What is the Switch Topology?

Updated Aug 27, 2018

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When using Switches I see that some of them have a different kind of topology. What is a switch topology?


A switch topology is an organizational representation of the channels and relays in a switch module. The topology establishes the default states for all relays in a module and defines the channel names. 

Some switches can use multiple topologies or variations of each topology type. Some terminal blocks or accessories may force the switch to use a given topology or set of topologies.  For more information regarding switch topologies, please see Understanding Switch Topologies

Additional Information

RF is not a topology but RF switches can be configured to any topology that is supported by the switch module. When selecting an RF switch module, please consider specifications such as VSWR, insertion loss, and characteristic impedance.  See the related links for more information regarding these specifications as well as available topologies with NI RF switch modules.


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