How to enable NI License Manager Logging

Updated Dec 2, 2022



  • NI License Manager

  • My NI License Manager is crashing and I need to troubleshoot it.
  • I need to get the logs from my client machine because NI Volume License Manager is not activating my network license correctly.

On the computer that is experiencing issues with License Manager, you will want to enable logging to have more information for troubleshooting. Logging can be enabled by following these steps:
  1. Open the command prompt.
  • Hit Windows Key + R > type cmd > hit Enter
  • You can also use Windows PowerShell instead.
  1. Navigate to the Licensing Manager Installation Directory
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\License Manager\"
  1.  Enable Logging by running the command 
  • In command prompt use: 
NILicensingCmd.exe -enablelogging
  • In PowerShell use: 
& .\NILicensingCmd.exe -enablelogging
  1. The log is writtten in the file C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\License Manager\Data\Licensing.log.

Additional Information

  • The default logging time is 7 days. If you want a different logging time, you can specify it by adding the number of days behind -enablelogging, e.g. -enablelogging 1 would log only for 1 day.
  • To disable logging, use the option -disablelogging.
  • Once you've done this test, you should move the logfile to a different directory, so that you start with an empty log for next tests.