How to Use My NI MAX Aliases on LabVIEW When the Device Is Not Connected?

Updated Oct 26, 2020

I have created an alias using NI MAX for my device but when I try to select it on LabVIEW using the VISA open function it doesn't appear as an option. It only appears when I connect the device but I want to use it without connecting it.

After creating the Alias in NI MAX, do the following in LabVIEW:

  1. Create a constant from the input VISA resource name of the VISA Open function.
  2. Double click the constant and write the name of the alias you set in MAX
  3. Even if the device is not connected, this way you avoid the broken arrow given by LabVIEW for not selecting a device.

Additional Information

You can also load the file visaconf.ini into your VI. This file contains the aliases you have created so you could wire them to the VISA resource name. To obtain this file check here.