What Happens If I Do Not Wire All Signals Expected by the Signal Single-Point.vi?

Updated Jul 23, 2018

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Issue Details

I defined an XNET Session with multiple signals. How does the XNET Write (Signal Single-Point).vi interpret its data input if I input fewer signal values than signals defined by the session?


The size of the input data array should, element by element, match the size of the signal array defined when creating the XNET session. However, if the size of the input data array would be smaller, signals without a corresponding input would be assigned the default data value of 0.0.

Additional Information

The XNET Write (Signal Single-Point).vi takes all parameters in an array of double, you may convert data from frame to signal and vice versa if that is convenient by using the XNET Convert.vi.

The XNET Write (Signal Single-Point).vi requires that you create an XNET session with the XNET Create Session (Signal Input Single-Point).vi. This will define how the signals wired to the 1D Double Array input, "data", are interpreted.

You may also define trigger signals (specified in the XNET Create Session VI) which allows you to stop a frame from being written.


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