How to Find a LabVIEW Node in the Functions Palette

Updated Jul 20, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I would like to add a specific LabVIEW node (function, subVI, Express VI or structure) onto my block diagram. I can find it using the Quick Drop window by pressing Ctrl+Space and then write its name. However I am not able to find it in the functions palette when I right click the block diagram. How can I find out which folder it is in?


These are a couple of ways to determine in which palette you can find your VI. Two common ways are the following: 
  • Right-click menu: Right-click the block diagram node in question, the sixth option from top will list the name of the palette where it is. Selecting it will open the specific palette.
  • Find on the palette button: While having the context help window active (by pressing Ctrl+H), click on Detailed help. there you will find the Find on the palette button seen below:
Clicking this button will open the palette of your VI.

Additional Information

Note: Not all block diagram nodes are possible to find this way. However, most native LabVIEW nodes are.