Can I Use the NI SHC68-NT-S Cables with My PXI-7831R?

Updated Aug 9, 2018

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  • PXI-7831
  • SHC68-NT-S

Issue Details

I have a PXI-7831R module and I am looking for a connector cable with no termination.
Can I use the NI SHC68-NT-S cables with my PXI-7831R module? Does it work for all three (DIO/MIO) connectors on the front panel of PXI-7831R?


Yes, the SHC68-NT-S Unterminated Shielded Cable is a recommended option for the 7831R series boards.

Additional Information

The NI SHC68-NT-S cable features a 68-pin VHDCI male connector on one end and goes to unterminated bare wires on the other end, making it ideal for OEMs applications and those who need create custom cabling solutions or wire directly to third-party devices.
This cable is compatible with the 68-pin VHDCI female connectors on NI R Series devices (781xR, 783xR, 784xR, 785xR), NI M Series DAQ devices and NI 6143 S Series DAQ devices.
You also can use it to connect NI 735x, 734x, and 733x motion controllers to third-party drives.


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