Preventing Two Simultaneous Connections in Switch Executive

Updated Jul 26, 2018

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  • Switch Executive

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I want to ensure that two of my SPST or SPDT relays never connect at the same time.  How can I add this as an exclusion in Switch Executive?


There is not a direct way to exclude two simultaneous connections between separate relays.  However, as a workaround, you can create a fake hardwire connection between the COM lines of your two relays and then create a mutual exclusion for the channels of those relays.

For example, if we want to ensure that com0->ch0 and com1->ch1 cannot both be connected, we can create a hardwire between com0 and com 1 in Switch Executive, then create a mutual exclusion between ch0 and ch1.  Thus, if we make the com0->ch0 connection and then try to make com1->ch1, Switch Executive will register a violation of the ch0<->ch1 exclusion, as shown below.

To do this, you would first create the hardwire between com0->com1, as below.

Then, you should create the mutual exclusion between ch0->ch1, as below.

This will ensure that com0->ch0 and com1->ch1 can never be connected together.


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