Error -29024 The Specified Route Does Not Exist in NI Switch Executive

Updated Oct 23, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-2523
  • PXIe-2525
  • PXIe-2739


  • Switch Executive



Issue Details

I created an NI Switch Executive Virtual Device and some routes. When I connect and disconnect them using the Test Panel from the NI Switch Executive Virtual Device in the NI MAX and see the changes effective in the NI-SWITCH Soft Front Panel, however, when I use LabVIEW, I can connect the Routes and Route Groups using the NI Switch Executive API, but when I disconnect them I get error -29024 (0xFFFF8EA0):

Error -29024 (0xFFFF8EA0) The specified route does not exist. You cannot disconnect a route that does not exist.


This error can appear using the NI Switch Executive API if you attempt to disconnect a route that has not been previously connected.

If you are attempting to connect or disconnect routes or route groups from a subVI, make sure you are not closing the reference within the subVI. Doing so will cause the error because NI Switch Executive resets the device when the session is open, disconnecting all existing connections in the process.

You need to develop a method to connect and disconnect the routes or route groups using the same reference. Refer to the NI Switch Executive - Interactive shipping example by launching LabVIEW, clicking Help Find Examples, and navigating to Toolkits and Modules NI Switch Executive to learn how to implement this, as well as other ways to perform connections and disconnections using the NI Switch Executive API.


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