Error: Fatal Error Ni-Memory Manager When Running My RT Application

Updated Aug 27, 2018

Issue Details

When running my RT application on my PXI, i have the following message that is thrown :

Fatal Error : Ni-Memory Manager Forced Fatal Error: internal memory manager error .\source\nimm\tNIMHeap.cpp:


This error is related to the NI Memory Manager, a service used by LabVIEW to manage memory.
Here are some different possible sources to this error :
  • References are opened and not closed
  • Memory is allocated (through arrays/references) in a loop
  • Memory is full (related to upper cases)
  • The program try to access to an invalid adresses in the memory (generally caused by DLLs from other langages)
  • The installation of the RTOS is corrupted
If you think that your issue is related to the first three points, please refer to : I'm Getting a Memory Is Full Error in LabVIEW

In other cases, please contact support.


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