Multiple Analog Outputs with a BNC-2110 and PCIe-6363

Updated Apr 21, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-6363
  • PCIe-6363
  • BNC-2110

Issue Details

I am trying to achieve multiple analog outputs on my BNC-2110 devices. I have managed to get channels AO0 and AO1 working but the other analog outputs don't seem to work. The documentation of the BNC-2110 shows I can do 6 AO channels. My BNC-2110 is connected to a PCIe-6363.


The PCIe-6363 has 2 output ports/connections. Each of these has 2 analog outputs. Therefore, the PCIe-6363 has 4 analog outputs. With the PCIe-6363 you can not have more than 4 analog outputs, regardless of the connector block (such as BNC-2110) used.

To use all 4 analog outputs of the PCIe-6363, you will need two connector blocks, one for each port on the PCIe-6363.
The below figure shows the pinouts of the PCIe card. Pins 21 and 22 on both ports are the analog output channels.