How to Start Filling a Slide Indicator from 0

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • LabVIEW

Slide indicators fill from the left side by default, as shown in the image below. 

There are several other fill options such as "Fill to Maximum" but how do I fill the slider from 0 instead of the left side?

To fill the slider from 0, configure your slide indicator in the VI as follows using multiple sliders.

  1. Slide Indicator Input: This will be any type of input that you have for your slide indicator
  2. Main Slide Indicator: Configure the slide indicator (Right-click » Properties) and create two slide indicators as follows.

Note: The color of the second slider is white. This makes the second slider invisible. This setting can be changed by clicking the white box labelled 'Slider' above.
  1. Create a property node (Right-click » Create » Property Node)
  2. The ActSlider property chooses the visible slider
  3. The Sign VI outputs 1 if the input is positive, 0 if it is 0 and -1 if the input is negative.
  4. The following are different cases of the Case Structure. It selects the correct fill style based on the value of the visible indicator. 
This example allows you to fill the slide indicator from 0 as follows:

Additional Information

This example makes use of the default fill styles to create a custom fill style that starts from 0.