What Is a Record and How Is It Associated with Fetch and Sampling Rate?

Updated Jul 24, 2018

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What is a Record and how is it associated with Fetch and Sampling Rate?


What is a Record?

  • A record is a collection of samples.

How does Sampling Rate relate to Record?

  • Record length refers to the number of samples, or data points, the digitizer acquires for each channel in a single acquisition. Record length limits the maximum duration of a single-shot acquisition. For example, with a 1,000-sample record and a sample rate of 20 MS/s, the duration of acquisition is 50 µs.

How does Fetch relate to Record?

  • Fetching data refers to the process of transferring a record, or acquired waveform, from the digitizer memory to the host computer memory. The Fetch Relative To and Fetch Offset properties allow you to explicitly choose the portion of a record to retrieve. The Fetch Record Number and Fetch Number of Records properties allow specifying the records to retrieve during a multirecord acquisition.

Additional Information

See NI High-Speed Digitizers Help for more information. To access the NI High-Speed Digitizers Help follow the steps below.
  1. Open LabVIEW.
  2. Go to Help >>  NI High-Speed Digitizers Help.


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