Will an NI PCI Instrument Fit in My Computer?

Updated Apr 19, 2024

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NI PCI card 

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  • I am looking for a computer that will accommodate an NI PCI instrument, what specification do I need to keep in mind to ensure it will fit properly?
  • Will my PCI fit in my computer?


There are three different kinds of 32bit PCI cards: Full-Length, Half-Length, and another type called Low-Profile or Slim.  NI has all three of these kinds of PCI devices.  Consult the device manual to determine the size of the PCI device.

The bus connection is identical for all three types of cards, but most computers will only accommodate half-length PCI cards. You will need to check with the computer manufacturer or take a look at the machine specifications to verify what PCI size your computer can accommodate. The measurements of each PCI format are listed in the table below.

PCI TypeDimenstions (mm)Dimensions (in)
Full-Length107 mm (height) X 312 mm (length)
4.21 in (height) X 12.28 in (length)
Half-Length106.68 mm (height) X 175.26mm (length)
4.2 in (height) X 6.9 in (length)
Low-Profile / Slim64.41mm (height) X 119.91mm (length)
to 64.41mm (height) X 167.64mm (length)

2.54 in (height) X 4.72 in (length)
to 2.54 in (height) X 6.59 in (length)

Note: A PCI card will not fit in a PCIe slot. See the related links section for more information about what the differences are between the traditional PCI bus and PCI Express bus standards. 

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See the related links section for more information on low-profile/slim PCI cards.