Number of Licenses in Use Not Reflected in License Manager 4.x

Updated Jul 19, 2018

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I am a Software Administrator on a client machine attempting to check how many seats are in use through NI License Manager. Under "Network Licenses", it reflects that I have a software license checked out but still shows "0 of X" in use.


The "In Use" status in NI License Manager will only update if:
  1. The license has been assigned to a user or computer by the Software Administrator under a "non concurrent" type license
  2. The licensed software is open on the client machineĀ 
For example, opening a software that is included in the "Developer Suite All Inclusive 2018 DS1" package will yield a green circle. If the user has been assigned to that license and has the software opened, NI License Manager will look like this:

To reiterate, the status only applies to user or computer-based non-concurrent licenses. Concurrent licenses are first come, first serve and will not be reflected under the "In Use" status in NI License Manager. To learn more about licensing types, click here.


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