Change the Installation Destination Subdirectory in TestStand Deployment Utility

Updated Jul 16, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I  want the relative file-structure to be preserved when I deploy the files. However, the deployment utility automatically adds the entire path from the root directory to be preserved and created in the installation directory. How do I change this to just include the relative path from the installation directory? 


  1. In the TestStand Deployment Utility, navigate to the Distributed Files tab
  2. Select the directory in the tree that you want to be the base directory like in the image below
  3. Change Installation Destination to Installation Directory 
  4. Change the Installation Destination Subdirectory to match the name of the directory you want to be the base directory.
This will change the Installation Destination Subdirectory path of all of the Subdirectories below the base directory to be relative to that Subdirectory.

Additional Information

When building a deployable image or an installer from the TestStand Deployment Utility, the Installation Destination Subdirectory in the Installer Properties is populated with a path relative to the Installation Destination directory that the workspace file resides within. Placing the TestStand workspace file and any dependent VIs within one of these directories will automatically make the subdirectory path relative to the workspace file. If the Installation Destination directory is changed or the workspace file is not in the defined directory, the subdirectory will change to be relative to the drive.


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