Error -363516 with WebDAV Move on CompactRIO

Updated Dec 18, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Chassis


  • LabVIEW

Operating System

  • NI Linux Real-Time

Issue Details

I have an application running on a cRIO-9045 that is generating acquisition files. My host application is accessing these files with the Webdav Move VI , but I encounter Error -363516: Client does not have access to the specified resource (access is forbidden). 

How can I resolve this permissions error?


Error -363516 will occur if the file that the Webdav Move VI is trying to access is already in use. So, make sure that there is no other application or vi that is already accessing the file. 

Otherwise, the issue may be occurring due to Linux file permissions. To resolve the issue for a specific file, open a Linux Command Shell and run the following in the directory of the file:

chmod 646 <filename.ext>

To change the permission of the directory (if we are constantly making new files), you can try the following command (note that this command opens permissions for everything, which can be insecure):

chmod -R 0777 

Additional Information

chmod is a Linux command to alter permissions. Find more information on chmod (external link) here.

If the previous methods fail to resolve the issue and an external SD memory card is used to store the file, the problem may be related to the faulty or corrupted external SD memory card utilized in cRIO.