Serial Number Failed the Registration in NI Account Website

Updated Jul 21, 2022

Issue Details

I'm trying to register my software to account under the My Products tab, but I keep getting an error that the serial number could not be registered to my account.


The problem may be that the software or product is already registered to another user's account. It could also be that the the serial number is not correctly linked to your user profile.

In these cases, you can contact our Customer Updates Team ( and have them reassign the software so that it's registered to the correct account.

Additional Information

NI started to use the Identity based activation since May 2018 in case of single seat software. It means that you will receive an e-mail to accept your license after purchasing it. In case you need to transfer the license to another user from your company, you can do it from your NI Account as described in Transfer an NI Software License to Another User .

If you instead see the message "We are unable to validate the serial number you entered. Please verify the serial number and try again", you likely mistyped your serial number. Verify that what you entered matches the label of your product.