Control Output Current and Voltage at the Same Time on PCIe-6321

Updated Aug 1, 2018

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  • PCIe-6321

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 I am using my PCIe-6321 card and I have to apply a voltage of 0-1.8 V, but I should never exceed a current of 100 uA. I am able to generate the voltage but I do not find a possibility to limit the current? How can I achieve that? Is it possible using this card?


Unfortunately the PCIe-6321 does not have such a feature to limit the current on the Analog Outputs. The device has an output current drive of 5mA, but this is rather a physical limitation and it can not be controlled programmatically.
If you intend to use this card in an application where you need to limit the output current, you may use a "Constant-current diode" externally. They are also known as "Current-limiting diode", since they can limit the current flowing through them. Please keep in mind that depending on your setup such a device may effect your measurement in an unwanted manner.

Additional Information

If you are looking for a device which has a high degree of control on voltage current sourcing you may use a PXI Source Measure Unit. PXI Source Measure Units (SMUs) combine high-precision source and measure capability with features designed to reduce test time and increase flexibility. They provide precise voltage or current sourcing and measurement capabilities for PXI systems.


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