Replacement Power Supply for NI USB-622x, 625x, 628x and NI CompactDAQ

Updated Jan 13, 2023

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Is it possible to buy a replacement Universal Power Supply to use with NI USB-622x, NI USB-625x, NI USB-628x, and NI CompactDAQ?


To power the NI USB-622x, NI USB-625x, NI USB-628x, or NI CompactDAQ devices, you need to use an NI AC adapter or an NEC Class 2 DC source that meets the power requirements for the device and has appropriate safety certification marks for the country of use

NI has a Universal Power Supply for USB Data Acquisition, 12 VDC, 2.0A; part number for this product is 780046-01. The NI USB DAQ Power Supply is a replacement for power supplies included with high-performance NI M Series and NI CompactDAQ USB data acquisition devices. 

Note: Power cables are region-specific and are not included.